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PGDM  -- Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Approved by AICTE is a unique and flagship Program at MM.

 Objectives of the Program – The students at MIM are expected to understand the program objectives which are,


  • Understand the Complex and continuously Changing Business Environment
  • Develop Problem Solving Approach
  • Be a Proactive Leader with Values at helm of the affairs.
  • Be a learner first and a Change agent later.

 The Curriculum ..

The upgraded and latest curriculum is a strength of PGDM at MIM. The curriculum is designed by the experts from the corporate world and academicians. It includes the practical approach of the management knowledge and tests and develop the problem solving ability of the students by involving them in activities like, Live projects, field visits, presentations simulation games, role play, interviews of entrepreneurers, group activities, seminars etc.


  The PGDM Program, includes, The Orientation & Foundation Program

 ( OFP) which is of two weeks.

  • PGDM is spread over Six Trimester in two Academic Years
  • The PGDM program will offer Dual and Single  Specialisation.
  • There will be following options available for Specialisation.
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Information Management.
  • The first year of the program will lay emphasis on strengthening the fundamental understanding of the functional Management disciplines in general.

 During the first year of the Program, student will develop his / her fundamental skills in the areas of General Management, Computer, Decision Making , Quantitative and social skills followed by Leadership Qualities through uniquely designed curriculum and teaching pedagogy.

  • The first year will constitute about 550 sessions each will be of 75 minutes, same will be followed for second year.
  • After completion of first year the student is expected to undergo a practical training of minimum 60 days in a Corporate Organisation and complete a report under the guidance of the faculty member assigned by the Institute.
  • Apart from curriculum, a student will be exposed to the various programs like Industry visits and Interactions,
  • Work Shops, seminars, Group Activities, Yoga and Gymnasium etc.

 Core focus will be given to develop the student’s Group Dynamics, Leadership Qualities and ability to understand and predict the Environmental Changes in Global Economy in general and Indian in Particular.

  • The second year of the program will provide higher end knowledge of the selected specialization from the available streams.
  • Rigorous and stringent academic   time table will be framed and a student will be exposed to the additional customized and professional activities apart from the pre – designed curriculum.
  • The program will also propose corporate projects with the guidance of the faculty members, the duration of which will be about two – three weeks and nature of the projects can be National or International.
  • An Uniquely Designed Global Perspective Program ( GPP ) will be a compulsory part of co – curricular activities  apart from many other.
  • To Complete the Program – Student is Expected to Complete 21( Full credit ) Programs in First Year  & 20 ( full credit ) in Second Year.
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