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Style of Administration / Management

A well designed and properly planned, management and administrative policy prepared by the involvement of the stakeholders, communicated to the implementers with periodic review will be the strength of the proposed institute.

Considering and accepting that the Students are at the center stage of all policies. The success of the Management Institute lies in understanding and executing a well defined strategy which will be in tune with the vision and mission of the promoting body and objectives of the institute.

We understand that, academicians, parents, staff and students should devote themselves for attaining the high quality standards which ultimately benefit the society at large. 

The clarity of thoughts, clear achievable objectives and clear defined and understood role of the sections of the administration and management is proposed by the new institute.

In case of all educational institutes of the Promoting body, the administrative freedom given to the respective institutes is the high strength. The head of the respective institutes enjoys the high level of freedom in decision making and formulating the administrative strategies.

Transparency – an another strength of the promoting body

We, here, propose to develop and implement such a style of Management and administration which will lead to a ‘ Team Dreaming and Team Thinking ‘ followed by Team approach rather than individualism. The strengths of every individual will be deployed for the attaining the desired objectives of the institute.

Ultimately an objective of the board of governors, management and administration will be to speak a single language of academic excellence and to create a culture of ‘Friendly Discipline’ among the students.

 The educational organization must have the kind of humility that makes it listen to the stakeholders and seek ideas from outside. It has to humble in case of complexity.

Our model is based on the following philosophy.

The Management and Administrative Team will strive to ,

  • Set very high standards for our self.
  • Become Example for others.
  • Stop simply giving instructions; work on frontline with team members.
  • Build culture in which employees could make decisions quickly and would not be afraid of challenges and possible failures.
  • Perceive changes as they occur and react the fastest.
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