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Mr. Pramod Vaidya
Dear Aspirant,

The need of the hour is to prepare a management cadre of good intellectual manpower which will be proven planners and implementers. The educational Institutions are expected to work and devote their activities to achieve these requirements.

India – an emerging economy and a destination for the entire world to invest, we need to develop a strong, proactive, responsible and value creating cadre of young, dynamic managers to take up and analyse the business risk for the business to grow.

The stakeholders like government educational Institutions, Regulatory authorities etc Now are thinking proactively to render their services to match the dynamic, complex and heterogeneous requirements of the corporate India.

The time, we are observing today, has been demanding huge responsibilities to be shouldered by the educational arena for the well initiated development process of the Indian economy. The responsibility of the stakeholders will not come to an end just by offering a formal education pattern, but will start and grow by constantly changing upgrading and striving for excellence in higher education.

The era of controlled mechanism in the Indian economy is now a thing of the past and the entire system is observing a free and regulated system of working and development of the economy and also an education system to match it.

Today – the Technological revolution has forced all the stakeholders of the society and academia to – ‘Think' - about the impending changes. Survival of the fittest is now a key to survive. The educational Institutions, engaged in imparting higher education, should feel proud and happy to discharge the changing responsibilities entrusted upon them. At the same time, industries will also get significant benefits by recruiting such a highly rewarding, young, future workforce.

On the other hand the proposed ongoing clauses and considerations of the General Agreement of Trade in Services ( GATS ) & World Trade Organisation is sure to have created an air of uncertainty around the academia in the country.

We have never treated education as ‘Tradable Service' at least in India. The above ( GATS ) is expected to act as a changing force for the Indian higher and technical education system in near future. Hence, the expectations and requirements of the stakeholders are manifold. We all should strive to help the students to acquire skills in that particular area in which they are suppose to be in the near future.

The Technical Education system, first, should act as a Change agent and later – Change initiator.

The education system and pattern in India have also observed an impact of the new economic policies of Libralisation, Globalisation and open policies initiated by the central government in 1991, in fact, that has created a higher demand for the professional cadre like Management. This new policy has already entered the second phase and we, as stakeholders should plan – How can we get benefited from this globalisation for the Indian Education system.

Nevertheless, Indian Economy is growing at the rate of about 7% p.a. and is expected to grow by 10% in the near future. This is the result of the growth of almost all sectors of the economy followed by the contributions from the state developments. As an effect of this the educational sector is also expected to grow at the pace of the growing economy but at present, the segments of education arena in the country find themselves in the midst of a lot of activities with the proposed opening of the sector for the foreigners.

We here at MIM are striving to achieve the desired goal by constantly evaluating and changing our pedagogy.

Mr. Pramod Vaidya


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