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Total Quality Management at MIM

The shrinking nature of business activities throughout the world has created a strong need to develop our core competency. The professional education providing institutes should not feel them out of this ambit. The management education’s basic need now is to think global act local where quality plays a vital role.

Though the perception  of Quality is relative and mainly depend on the available number of options at a single time. As we observe the professional education in now becoming global and more than 4000 institutes are providing management programs throughout India and foreign universities to come in near future.

Just offering a MBA/PGDM  program to the students is not sufficient criterion to achieve academic objectives. The Quality of the institution will depend on the quality of the education the institute will provide. The student when enters the real battle field of the career – he will test the practices and principles he had been taught in the management schools. The management institutes differs with the Quality of Education they provide.

To achieve academic excellence and to make natural justice with the stakeholders and design the future of the student’s career, the quality of education will and going to play a principal role in near future  what we believe at MIM.

In past 124 years, the promoting body has always strived for the quality education and set an example for others.

At MIM ---- A Separate Quality Council is set up to Guide the Institute in achieving the above Goals. It constitutes the academicians and High Level Experts from Industry who have proven record of Quality Execution.

Focus of the Council is to

  1. Assist the Institute in Creating a Good Culture
  2. Take care for the well designed and structured program with timely and qualitatively execution.
  3. Restructure and redesign the academic and other programs at par with the international standards.
  4. Inculcate the Innovativeness among the Faculty members and stakeholders.
  5. Assist in framing and execution of the accreditation processes of various agencies.

Ultimately assist the Institute to Build the Respectable and Valued Brand in Education – which in turn will be an asset to a Nation in Building India a next generation knowledge center of the globe.

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